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How to Replace a High Pressure Fuel Pump

How to Replace a High Pressure Fuel Pump

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7-12-2019, 20:17
With the goal to increase efficiency and lower emissions, cars nowadays are switching from PFI, Port Fuel Injection, to DI, Direct Injection. Due to the nature of DI being a newer system, and the fuel system needing to create very high PSI across the fuel rail, we will be seeing countless new cars requiring replacement HPFP (high pressure fuel pumps). MINI has already seen noticed their flawed system in the first generation R56 N14 engine, and made changes to the revised and more reliable N18 engine. With that being said, replacing the high pressure fuel pump is not a difficult task, however it is something that will need to be done on newer cars. My HPFP has been giving me problems, where it does like cold starts, and it doesn’t allow me to go past half throttle. Those are generally the symptoms of a HPFP failing, which is why I am swapping it out for a new one in this video. I usually get my MINI parts from ECS Tuning, but I found something that seems like a better option. If you are looking to purchase a new HPFP, or other replacement parts for your german car, AND you plan on keeping your vehicle for awhile, check out the website FCP Euro. If you purchase ANYTHING from their website, engine oil, brake pads, a HPFP, or anything else, and it fails / you need a replacement, they will warranty it FOR LIFE!!! I genuinely don’t know how they stay in business with that kind of business model, but from the consumer end of it, it gives you peace of mind knowing that after you replace a part, you are covered for life. That is where I purchased my HPFP. I didn’t want to spend $1250 more than once on a single part on my car. Just for a reference, look at the price difference between both websites for the HPFP. The FCP HPFP comes with a lifetime warranty where the ECS does not, AND it costs more.. its a no brainer…///// PRODUCTS FOUND IN VIDEO \\ HPFP from FCPEuro ▶︎ HPFP from ECSTuning ▶︎ Fuel Rail Line ▶︎ Tool for Removing Fuel Line ▶︎ GearWrench Hook & Pick Set ▶︎ Crow’s Feet ▶︎ Torque Wrench ▶︎ ▶︎ FCP Euro - ▶︎ ECS Tuning - ▶︎ Amazon US - ▶︎ Amazon CA - ///// YOU CAN SEND ME STUFF HERE \\ MILAN MASTRACCI PO BOX 30075 TOWN SQ. POFONTHILL, ONTARIO, CANADAL0S 1E3///// BECOME ONE OF THE BOYS BY FOLLOWING MY \\YouTube Channel ▶︎ Instagram ▶︎ Facebook Page ▶︎ If you have any additional questions, feel free to send me an email at milanmastracci@gmail.com. Be sure to tag me on instagram @milmast with your projects. Thank you so much for watching!!
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